Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garlic Scape - Kale Pesto

This recipe comes from Diana dyer, who, with her husband Dick, was kind enough to start a garlic farm right outside of Ann Arbor and is presently nourishing the local populace with 47 varieties of garlic! check out Diana's blog at :


    1 cup garlic scapes (about 8 or 9 scapes depending on size) cut into
    ¼-inch slices

    3-5 leaves kale. If the stems are tough, remove them and then slice
    into sideways strips.
    1/3 cup walnuts, pecans, or pine nuts (toasting these adds a nice twist)
    3/4 cup olive oil

    ~ 1/2 cup freshly-grated parmesan cheese

    1/2 teaspoon salt (can omit if parmesan salty enough)

    Black pepper to taste (1-2 grinds should be plenty for a little extra
    spark of flavor)


    Place scapes, kale, and nuts in the bowl of a food processor and
    grind until well combined and somewhat smooth but not purely pureed.
    Slowly drizzle in oil and process until integrated but there is still
    some "chunkiness". Transfer mix to a mixing bowl. Add parmesan, salt
    and pepper to taste.

    Makes about 1-1/2 cups of pesto. Keeps for up to one week in an
    airtight container in the refrigerator. Or transfer to an ice-cube
    tray and freeze in cubes to be defrosted and used one cube at a time
    at your leisure. The latter approach makes scape pesto available
    even in mid-winter, when it’s use can make any dish a scrumptious

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