Friday, August 19, 2011

Kale Raw Wraps

1 batch pate

1 bunch Russian kale

½ c. vinegar (for soaking)

1 c. tomato, diced

1 c. cucumber, diced

½ bunch mizuna

For the pate:

1 ¾ c. shelled walnuts

¾ c. shelled pecans

¼ medium red onion

3 large peeled garlic cloves

1 ½ 14 oz. packages organic firm tofu

¼ c. tamari sauce

¼ c. water

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

½ tsp. cayenne pepper

¼ c. finely chopped fresh parsley

Toast nuts in 350˚F oven without butter or oil. They cook quickly, so watch them carefully so they don’t burn. Toss them a couple times to ensure even toasting.

Chop the onion and garlic and put them into the food processor with the nuts, tofu, tamari, water, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper. Process until smooth.

Remove mixture to bowl and stir in fresh parsley.

Refrigerate overnight for best taste.

Assembling the wraps:

Trim the stems off of the Russian kale. Soak the leaves in a bath of warm water and vinegar for a few minutes to clean them and bring them to room temperature.

Dry the leaves completely. Place the leaves flat, rougher side facing up, on a cutting board and gently shave off the bulbous part of the stem (see pic for illustration).

Each wrap will require two leaves for rolling. Place the leaves head to foot (stalking pointing in opposite directions) and overlapping about half way. Apply a few dollops of pate along the seam where the two leaves overlap. Make sure to leave at least an inch on either end for folding. Once the pate is down, pile on tomatoes, cukes, mizuna, and any other creative tasties you can think of (sunflower seeds, avocado, quinoa, to name a few). Be careful not to load the leaves too high, because the next step requires you to fold in the sides and roll the wrap tightly like a burrito. Voila! A delicious and aesthetically pleasing meal!

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