Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bluebular Blueberry Dressing

Delicious on robustly flavored salads, such as Frog Holler Farm Salad Mix, this recipe was created by Tacy Stallen, and here are Tacy's directions:

-1 apple chopped
-1 large handful blueberries
-Apple cider vinegar
-olive oil
-water (use sparingly to get the dressing to the perfect consistency)

Drop the blueberries and the chopped apple into the blender and then add enough olive oil to cover them. Blend until nice and creamy. Then add apple cider vinegar and the remaining ingredients. The measurements are up to you and your taste buds! When I make a dressing I usually take whatever is at hand combine them, taste the outcome and then improve it from there. So, I encourage you to experiment and get some good use out of your blender and blueberry season :)

Some additional ingredients I might add would be:
-nutritional yeast
-a dash of balsamic vinegar

**I made this dressing to top off a baby kale salad with chopped walnuts and goat cheese**


  1. Just tried the dressing. Great with the FH salad mix!

  2. I used some of my raspberries for this dressing instead of blueberries and it was great. Hope we get a good crop of raspberries in the Fall to try it again.